Learning how to play an instrument or voice instructions in all levels and styles. Reading music, music theory and history, music appreciation, practice skills. Preparation for auditions, contests, competitions, Certificates of Merit. Opportunity to participate in many recitals, concerts and other musical events.

Instruments and fields of study include: Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Voice, Music Theory, Arrangements, Composition, Improvisation.


Group and private lessons in all areas and different techniques of fine art, art appreciation, art history. Participation in group projects and exhibitions.

Areas of study include: Drawing, Basic Art, Oils, Art Appreciation.


learning the art of acting from acclaimed acting coach,privately or in group. Preparation for talent and agency auditions,contests and other presentations.Help with portfolio.

Areas of training include: Drama, Cold Read, Commercials, Improvisation, Comedy, Sitcom.