Mission Statement

Bates School of Music,Art and tutoring promotes artistic and academic success, building positive self concepts, and encourages self expression and appreciation for learning through personalized instruction in a caring environment.


BATES School of Music has been in existence since 1960. For the last 40 years we have been guiding students through high quality education.

The current reforms in public schools caused more and more parents to get personally involved in their child's education. Therefore, we recruited teachers with degrees in various areas of study.

Since1999 we've been approved vendors thru various Charter Schools. We've helped many homeschooling studens to succeed in their studys or to develope new skills thru our music,art or drama classes.Because every student has different needs, our programs are custom made.

We not only work on developing a student's musical,artistic and academic skills, but on improving his ort her attitude toward both school and learning.

Our goal is to be recognized as dedicated patient and involved educators who will not hesitate to take the extra step.

Our flexible and reasonable priced programs allow you to choose from private or group instruction that are available at your convenience.